Olaf 101

Who and What is Olaf?

Olaf is a perpetually cheerful snowman, created by Elsa, the future queen of Arendelle, with her growing snow and ice powers. In the film, which largely takes place several years after Olaf's creation, he is an unexpected friend for her and her younger sister, Anna, as well as a sort of sidekick for Kristoff, Anna's friend. As the story unfolds, all three of them find that they need Olaf more than they ever expected!

What Draws Me to Him

Common Criticisms of Olaf

As awesome as I think Olaf is, I'm definitely in the minority when it comes to Frozen fans. Lots of people despise him because, to them, he is:

Why I Don't Agree with the Critics

However, I disagree strongly with the critics of Olaf's character. This little site showcases Olaf's strengths and proves why he is actually quite useful and important to the plot of Frozen.