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Gifted, an unusual Elsa shrine  Solstice, an Elsa and Anna shrine by Cherri and SnowRayjah  Warmth in Winter, an Elsa shrine by Sarah  Fly Again, a tribute to Queen Clarion and Lord Milori by Cherri  Change for the Better, a shrine to Beast by Cherri
Bell Ringer, a shrine to Quasimodo by Cherri  Racer, a shrine to Vanellope von Schweetz by Cherri  Edna Mode...and guest, a shrine to Edna Mode by Camy  Guardian, a shrine to Pascal by Camy  Odds & Ends & Altogether - Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless by Medli Only If for a Night - Hercules & Megara by Megan Skeleton Grin - Jack Skellington by Megan Chase the Morning - Sally by Megan

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